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Prepare to host your Games

It's time to get in the Sillympic spirit! You'll need some willing competitors and some nice, open space (either indoors or out).

Each of these made-up sports requires different "equipment" you can find in your house... but remember the name of the game here is to be inventive and make your own silly sports up!

REMEMBER: make sure you're prepared for sporty activity with a warm up. The last thing you want is to pull a muscle!

  • Outdoors
  • 1 hr
  • Easy

Download a set of winners' rosettes!


Plan your Games

First of all, decide on your competition format. How many different events or games will you have? We've provided a few ideas for events below... but you can always use your favourites or think up crazy new games!

Next, write a list of the different events and stick this on the fridge or a notice board.

Finally, print out a set of Winners' Rosettes from the download and colour them in - you'll need these at the end.

Idea 1: Soft Jump

For this one, you'll need permission to get some cushions off the sofa (two cushions if you want to do a long jump or 3 for a triple jump). Also, grab a tape-measure! Place them on the floor a short distance apart. Competitors must take off their shoes and then jump from one cushion to the next with both feet. If they fail, they are knocked out.

After each round, move the cushions further apart and measure the distance between them... you can even keep a big scoreboard of who has jumped the furthest!

Idea 2: Volley Balloon

This one works indoors or outdoors (as long as it's not too windy!). First, you need to make a net. A piece of string (or even better, colourful wool) will do. Tie it across your pitch about 50cm off the ground using two chairs to hold it up.

For each match one player sits each side of the net. The first player kicks an inflated balloon over the net and the other player has to get it back across without it touching the floor - and only using their feet! Players keep on kicking 'til the balloon touches the ground. If your opponent misses the ball, you get a point! The first to 7 points wins the match!

Too difficult only using your feet? Change the rules so you can use hands too... it's YOUR game, remember!

Idea 3: Ready, Steady, Shoe!

A running race with a difference. You need a few people for this one... or at least a few pairs of shoes. First, everyone takes their shoes off and they get mixed up in a big messy pile. Then, they line up at a start line some distance away (depending on how long you want the race to be).

When an adult shouts 'GO!', everyone legs-it to the shoe pile and has to find a matching pair of shoes and put them on before they race back to the start line (which is now the finish line!). The winner is the first person with matching shoes on!

Note: it is against the Sillympics code of conduct to hide another competitor's shoes - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

How about making this one more tricky? Maybe you could play with shoes AND socks? Or how about hats, too?!

Idea 4: Obey The Ball

First up, you need to make a special ball. Take a normal, football-sized ball and using paper and sticky tape, cover it with a few instructions that tell you how you should throw the ball. Here are some good ones:

  • Through your legs
  • Backwards over your head
  • With your "wrong" hand

Can you think of any more to do? Have fun thinking up crazy instructions.

Once you've made your ball, players stand in a circle. Someone throws the ball to get started... but here's where it gets fun! The person who catches the ball has to follow the instruction on the ball nearest to where their right hand is!

If you drop the ball, or throw it so it's impossible to catch, you're out! The winner is the last remaining player...

Think up your own silly sports!

We hope these ideas have given you the bug to create your own crazy games. Have fun with it!

The closing ceremony!

Time to award those rosettes. You could even arrange some chairs as a proper podium, before sticking the colourful rosettes to the winners from each event!

We'd love to hear of any new sports or games you make up, and if you take any photos your Sillympics, it would be brilliant to see them, too.

Share on Twitter using #Unplugged, or on our Facebook page - we'll re-post the best ones!

Please take reasonable care when partaking in the activities. The Children's Society accepts no responsibility for any damage to person or property that results from taking part in the activities on the site.

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