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Prepare to get funky!

Here's what you need for a proper dance-off:

  • A way to play your favourite tune(s)
  • A nice clear dance area (a garden or a good sized room)
  • A set of official "Dance Off!" scorecards
  • A funky dance outfit (anything goes!)
  • Bags of energy!
  • In / Out
  • 1 hr
  • Easy

Download some smashing scorecards


Learn that tune

So, Dance-maestro, what's your favourite song at the moment? You probably listen to it a lot but have you REALLY listened to it?

Put it on a few times and listen out for the beat. Tap your foot on the floor in time with it. Is it fast or slow? Does it change in the middle of the song?

This is important because most songs have distinct parts. They get called stuff like the chorus, the bridge and the verses... but that's not that important for us... what matters is that you can do different moves at different times in the song.

Create a routine

Clear some space inside, or make an area outside, where you have plenty of room to throw some shapes.

Listen to your song again, and invent a couple of moves to your favourite part. It helps to count to the beat 8 times, and try to make your moves fit that, then repeat. Try to make moves that fit with how the music makes you feel. If it's a fast bit of the song, you might want to jump up and down, or head-bang! If it's a soft, sad part of the song, then swaying slowly could fit better.

Practice the moves over and over until you remember them all! (You can stop making up moves whenever you like, depending on how adventurous you're being!)


Get your dance-clobber on. You could dress as a character or an animal that goes with your dance routine, create a crazy hairstyle, or go all-out and paint your face!

You're gonna need an audience. Round up any stray family members, cuddly toys and dolls. Start your tune and go crazy with your dance routine. If you have any energy left at the end... you didn't dance hard enough! Maybe your audience will be so impressed you can offer to teach them the routine?

Grab 15 mins of fame!

Our talent scouts are on the lookout for awesome dancers! Take some photos (or even a video!) of you in action and share them on Twitter using #Unplugged, or post them to our Facebook page... you might see your name in lights!

Please take reasonable care when partaking in the activities. The Children's Society accepts no responsibility for any damage to person or property that results from taking part in the activities on the site.

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