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Cosmic Construction

Intergalactic ingredients!

  • Plain cardboard
  • Different sized circular objects to draw round. Jars, bowls,
    plates etc!
  • Some string
  • A paper plate
  • Scissors and a hole punch
  • A few different colours of poster paint (and glitter if you can find some)
  • Old newspapers - so you don?t make a mess
  • A print out of our planetary features!
  • Indoors
  • 1.5 hrs
  • Hard

Download the Cosmic Construction Kit


Boldly construct your planets

First of all, cover your work surface with newspaper... and make sure there's no gaps! Now then Astronaut, let's make some crazy planets! For each one, draw a circle on a piece of card, and cut it out with scissors. Now punch a hole in each one 1cm from the edge (you might want to ask an adult to help you here).

Time to get painting. Be creative with your planets' colours - you can use more than one colour and swirl them together to get the effect of a toxic atmosphere! Let them dry on newspaper, and then paint the other side (it's more scientifically accurate if they are the same colour on each side... but we'll leave that up to you!).

For a bit of extra decoration, why not cut out and stick on some "out there" planetary features from the downloadable Cosmic Construction Kit?

Set out your orbits!

Take your paper plate and ask an adult to pierce some holes in it. You will need one in the middle (this is to hang it from) and one for each of your planets - put these holes at different distances from the centre, so the planets will have different orbits.

Knot a piece of string and pull it upwards through the middle hole - this is how you will hang up your planetary system. Now knot several other bits of string of different lengths and feed them the other way through the remaining holes - tie one of your planets to each of these pieces of string so they can
hang down.

Blast your planets into the great unknown

Have a look around the house for the best place to hang your planetary system up. A lampshade makes a good start... but can you think of somewhere more surprising?

When you have selected a prime location, ask an adult to hang it up for you. It's fun to lie underneath it and watch your planets move!

Share interplanetary photos!

At the Children's Society, we would love you to take us on an intergalactic journey! Why not take some photos of your new planetary system and share them on Twitter using #Unplugged, or our our Facebook page? We'll make sure we re-post the best ones!

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